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JOYIT offers an extensive  menù composed by starters, first and main courses with meat, fish and vegetables.

Haute cuisine.
It is a new line of products prepared by professional chefs with the technique of low temperature, vacuum-packed in protected atmosphere in order to maintain the top quality.

Single portion or gastronomic size ready to serve, gourmet dishes done in a short time that complement or completely replace the kitchen.

Every Meal is prepared by professional chefs with a carefully attention to the quality of raw materials used. You can
store it in the refrigerator and It can last for 45 days( shelf life); it can be regenerated in the microwaves oven in approx 1.30 minute or in bain-marie.

In our products are prohibited colouring matters, preservatives and saturated fats, so it is completely natural.


Joyit is the Italian brand that aims to gather under its umbrella food items that are as fresh and natural as possible ( no preservatives or artificial flavours ), ideally organic and non-GM.

Besides our broad range of conventional high-end products, our organic and vegan lines are resulting from a rigorous selection of ingredients being cultivated without relying on chemical pesticides or any other harmful fertilisers.

Our production method – subject to stringent manufacturing requirements – preserves the qualities of the raw material, bringing out all its sensory and nutritional characteristics.

Contrary to what is usually thought, ORGANIC and VEGAN food can certainly be taken to mean great taste, high pleasure and gourmet food !

In its corporate structure, Joyit group has a consolidated expediency in the food, industry, communication and advertising sectors.

JOYIT and its partners have built a platform with a constant exchange of ideas and shared solutions on the theme of food:
a real laboratory of
thoughts that stimulates creativity and innovations in the production techniques.

Our wide broad range of products – through their taste, quality and sustainability – bring our guests to stimulate their curiosity; it spreads them awareness on the importance of an adequate nutrition regarding quality and quantity as well: the key for environmental and human health safeguards.

The JOYIT logo – elegant and distinctive – is recognizable in the community of quality, authenticity and taste enthusiasts; the subtle originality of our packaging carries the DNA of our 200 references in the very closed world of high quality products.

Family or friends gathering dinner. Flat-lay of peoples hands, roasted lamb shoulder, salads, vegetables, rose wine, mimosa branches over white checkered tablecloth, top view. Celebration party dinner

Marco Imperato | CEO  & Founder Interview

Intervista a Marco Imperato Ceo&Founder Joyit